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safe at home — inside-only is the best policy

"There is nothing "natural" about a cat being outside. When humans domesticated cats (about 6,000 years ago), they removed them from the wild and changed their ecological role. Cats are no longer wild predators that fit into an ecosystem, but are dependent on humans, receiving the things they need to live from people."
~ Rhonda Lucas Donald, The HSUS

Why Should You Keep Your Cat Inside?

  • More outside cats are killed by cars than any other hazard.
  • The average outside cat lives just 2-3 years, while indoor cats usually live 15 years or more.
  • Living safely inside, cats require less medical care and are protected from parasites such as fleas, ticks, and worms.
  • Indoor cats are less likely to catch feline leukemia or the feline immunodeficiency virus (cat AIDS), drink poisons (such as antifreeze from cars), or eat rotten food left in garbage cans.
  • Outside cats risk capture by Class B animal dealers who collect animals from the street in order to sell them to research facilities. They especially prefer to target pets, since they're easier for researchers to handle.
  • Outside cats can be victims of attack by dogs, other cats, and wild animals.
  • Outside cats are often shot at, poisoned, trapped or tortured by people annoyed by cats using their gardens for litterboxes or for their hunting birds and other small animals.

Need More Convincing?

If you still think you're doing your cat a favor by letting her outside, you need a serious reality check. See the following for more information:

The Great Debate Revisited: Is indoors or outdoors really better for your cat?
Franny Syufy, Cats Site Guide, explains the personal circumstances that shifted her position on this issue.

Indoors Only: That's Where Your Cat Should Be
An excellent article that details the risks cats face outside, rebuttals to arguments for letting cats roam free, and ways to make your cat happy indoors.

Keeping Your Cat Safe and Happy at Home
"For cats, the great outdoors is anything but great. Whether they live in the city, in the suburbs, or in the country, outdoor cats face a multitude of risks."

Keep Your Cat Indoors!
The Oakland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Alameda County lists the dangers awaiting outside cats.

Your Cat: Indoors Or Out?
Read the reasons people have provided for allowing their cats to be outdoors without their supervision, along with the DFL's comments and suggestions.

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