"[Pet guardians] create the greatest hazard to pet animals by their own ignorance, selfishness and laziness. I'm talking about people who breed indiscriminately, or who don't bother to spay/neuter their pets. Folks who value velvet furniture and lace curtains more than they value their cats' toes. People who think they're doing a kindness to their new litter of unwanted kittens by dumping them at a local park, so others can take care of the results of their own stupid carelessness."
~ Franny Syufy, Site Guide, Cats

Following are issues that directly relate to the health, happiness, and safety of cats and the actions you can take. You can make a difference!

Care & Well-Being

Cat Food - What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Cats
You've heard the phrase, "You are what you eat." So, what would you be if you ate rust, plastic, feces, roadkill, heavy metals, and diseased meat? You'd be the average American cat.

A Declawed Cat is a MUTILATED Cat
Most people don't understand that this operation is, in reality, 10 complex amputations. It's not a "simple little procedure," nor is it without physical and emotional trauma.

Safe At Home - Inside-only is the Best Policy
The average outdoor cat lives just 2-3 years while indoor cats usually live 15 years or more. What does your indoor cat miss? Getting hit by a car, contracting feline leukemia and the feline immunodeficiency virus (cat AIDS), being attacked by dogs, being an easy target for cruel humans ...

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Take Action

Action Alert & Newsletter Resources
Be a voice for the voiceless and take action on animal rights and welfare issues. I've compiled an extensive list of action alerts and newsletters to which you can subscribe for free. Also included are general information/fun newsletters. :-)

Stop the Killing! Spay/Neuter Your Cats!
Over 70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the USA. And as many as 17 million dogs and cats are killed each year, just because there are no homes for them.

Support the Guardian Campaign
Language is a powerful tool, and the way we use it can help change our consciousness and ways of thinking about non-human animals.

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