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sing-along fun: to the vet's

Author Unknown

Sing to the tune Jingle Bells

Dashing to the vet's,
In the brand-new, red sports car,
We have no litterbox,
I hope it isn't far.
I'll scream and claw and cry,
To make them all feel bad,
While plotting in my tiny brain to make the vet go mad!

Oh, to the vet's,
To the vet's,
To the vet's we go!
If I had a choice in this,
I'd rather just say, "No-o"!
To the vet's,
To the vet's,
To the vet's we go!
Why must we always do this?
You know I hate it so!

They check my fur for fleas,
They check my ears for mites.
They give me lots of shots,
I give them lots of bites.
They want to see my eyes,
They want to see my teeth,
They check out every inch of me,
Above and underneath.


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