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I've gathered here some fun and funny kitty stuff (and some inspiring stories to boot) that can be found floatin' around on the web. As far as I know, all of the items here are from anonymous sources (save for quotes) and therefore copyright information is unknown.

Factoids & Quotes

Read assorted kitty factoids.

This is a collection of my favorite cat quotes that I've gathered over the years.

Your Cat's Age In Human Years
See how old your cat is in human terms.

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Legend of the Tabby Cat
A delightful Christmas tale of love and compassion.

The REAL Creation Story
Read what really happened when God created everything.

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Before I Was a Cat Parent
I found this poem when someone posted it in the Cats Forum. Just thought you might enjoy reading it.

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"How-To" Instructions

How to Bake Cookies with a Cat
How to bake cookies and simultaneously spend some quality time with your cat!

How to Wrap Presents with a Cat
Step-by-step instructions on the proper procedure for wrapping gifts with a cat.

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Does Your Cat Own You?
Okay, well of course the answer is obviously "Yes," but take this quiz to learn just how much of a slave you are to your cat.

If You Can ...
Think we're the "superior" species? Think again.

Sing-along Fun: To the Vet's
If ever there was a theme song for the Dreaded Vet Trip, this is it!

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Odds 'n' Ends

Cat Emoticons
See how to indicate a kitty face for "about-to-spit-up-hairball-on-numeric-keypad" and more.

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Kitty Litter Cake
Apparently, this cake is a big hit at cat shows. Learn how to make one and see how your guests react when presented with this tasty treat.

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